Sharp has 70-inch 3D LCD, soundbars and new Blu-ray players on deck for 2011

Sharp intends to keep its position in the large LCD market with the help of two new lines which both top out at 70-inches -- finally. The LC-70LE732U 3DTV sits at the top of the LE835 series which is also set to be available in sizes ranging as small as 40-inches and is expected in February. No word on what any of these sets will cost ya, but they will all feature built-in WiFi and a wide range of streaming options including VUDU and Netflix, as well as other internet apps like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. The trio of new 3D Blu-ray players, the BD-H25U, BD-H35U and BD-H75U, will also ship this February with many of the same network and streaming options as the TV, but will also be IP controllable for home automation fans. Meanwhile there are five new soundbars on tap starting with a USB model, the CP-USB500, for great sound on the go and ending with the HT-SL70 which can pass 3D signals via HDMI 1.4a and even supports an audio return channel.


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Sharp AQUOS® Quattron™ 70-inch screen size class LC-70LE732U (69 ½ inch diagonal) 1080p/120Hz model with full-array LED display delivers most immersive and engaging viewing experiences

AQUOS Quattron 3D LE835 Series and AQUOS Quattron LE830 Series TV models are available in 60-, 52-, 46- and 40-inch screen size classes

Quattron Quad Pixel Technology
Each provides built-in WiFi and a suite of network features including CinemaNow™, Netflix®, VUDU™, DLNA® video streaming and AQUOS Advantage Livesm customer service

LAS VEGAS, January 5, 2011 – HYPERLINK ""Sharp Electronics Corporation today introduces its largest AQUOS Quattron LED HYPERLINK ""LCD TV model to date, the 70-inch screen size class (69 ½ inch diagonal) LC-70LE732U, offering the most immersive viewing experience in a television. In addition, the company is unveiling its new 835 Series of AQUOS Quattron HYPERLINK ""3D TV models and 830 Series of AQUOS Quattron TV models in 60-, 52-, 46- and 40-inch screen size classes. All models employ Sharp's proprietary X-Gen LCD panels and Quattron HYPERLINK ""Quad Pixel Technology for the widest color palette available from HYPERLINK ""LCD TVs and brighter images. Built-in WiFi in all models delivers wide network functionality such as video streaming from the Internet and throughout the home, as well as Sharp's best-in-class AQUOS Advantage Live customer service.
"The difference between a 70-inch and the typical 55-inch screen TV is by no means incremental. Our new 70-inch AQUOS Quattron HYPERLINK ""LCD TV provides a sixty-two percent larger viewing area," said John Herrington, president, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. "Sharp makes bigger better with Quattron HYPERLINK ""Quad Pixel Technology and other unique technologies to captivate viewers with color never before seen on TV."
Each AQUOS Quattron model features Sharp's proprietary HYPERLINK ""Quad Pixel Technology that adds the color Y (yellow) to the three colors of R (red), G (green), and B (blue) of the traditional television pixel structure. This technology enables the reproduction of colors that have been difficult to portray using conventional LCD displays, such as the brass color of musical instruments. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel also allows more light to pass through to the panel. Sharp's advanced pixel control technology minimizes light leakage while offering a wider aperture to let more light through. The combination of these factors results in brighter, more vibrant images. This added brightness is particularly important for 3D images, enabling the Sharp's 835 Series HYPERLINK ""3D LCD TVs, as well as the current 925 Series HYPERLINK ""3D LCD TVs, to compensate for the common problem of images becoming dark and dull when viewed through active shutter 3D glasses.

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 70-inch LC-70LE732U LED LCD TV
The Sharp AQUOS Quattron LC-70LE732U LED HYPERLINK ""LCD TV offers full HD 1080p image resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate. It employs Sharp's proprietary X-Gen panel with Quattron HYPERLINK ""Quad Pixel Technology and full array LED backlighting to deliver a superior and captivating experience. Quad Pixel Plus enables the processing of images with higher resolution and less jags in diagonal lines.
The LC-70LE732U offers built-in WiFi and access to the best HYPERLINK ""apps like Facebook®, Pandora®, Twitter™, and Flickr® through VUDU™, and on-demand movies through Netflix®, VUDU and CinemaNow™, as well as HYPERLINK ""AQUOS Advantage Live remote online customer service.
Four HDMI® inputs enable simple single cord connections to multiple HD components, such as Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD players, set top boxes and video game consoles.
The LC-70LE732U includes IP Control which enables a PC or Control Panel to control basic TV functions, video and audio equipment, and lighting via the Ethernet terminal or wireless LAN connection using built-in WiFi.

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 835 Series 3D LED LCD TVs
Sharp's 835 Series AQUOS Quattron HYPERLINK ""3D LCD TVs (LC-60LE835U, LC-52LE835U, LC-46LE835U and LC-40LE835U) offer edge-lit LED X-Gen LCD panels with Quattron HYPERLINK ""Quad Pixel Technology. Sharp's exclusive AquoMotion 240 technology improves picture quality by virtually eliminating blur and artifacts from fast-moving onscreen action sequences. The 835 Series models also employ Quad Pixel Plus to improve image resolution.
These models also offer built-in WiFi and access to Netflix, VUDU and CinemaNow, as well as four HDMI inputs for simple connections to multiple HD components. An attractive slim and narrow bezel design provides a great complement to any home theater viewing environment.

Sharp AQUOS Quattron 830 Series LED LCD TVs
Sharp's 830 Series AQUOS Quattron edge-lit LED HYPERLINK ""LCD TVs, including the LC-60LE830U, LC-52LE830U, LC-46LE830U and LC-40LE830U offer built-in WiFi and access to Netflix, VUDU and CinemaNow, as well as four HDMI inputs. They share the 835 Series' attractive sleek design.
All Sharp AQUOS Quattron HYPERLINK ""LCD TVs boast extremely low power consumption and are ENERGY STAR 5.1 qualified, the highest energy efficiency specification.

The LC-70LE732U will be available in May.
The LE835U series will be available in February.
The LE830U will be available in March.

For more information on Sharp's full line of consumer products, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, N.J., 07495-1163, or call 800-BE-SHARP. For online product information, visit Sharp's Web site at Become a fan of Sharp at HYPERLINK "", follow us on HYPERLINK ""Twitter @Sharp_USA. and view us on YouTube HYPERLINK ""