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Sony intros new VAIO L Series Touch HD PC/TV all-in-one and VAIO F 3D laptop

It's about time Sony brought some of its Bravia learnings over to the VAIO side of things, and both the new L Series all-in-one and VAIO F 3D laptop clearly show Sony's home theater roots. The L Series may appear to be just another multitouch 24-inch AIO, but the display is surrounded by a new infared border that contains shortcuts for closing windows, opening programs or shutting down the machine. What's the point of that? Sony tells us it was built to take advantage of the extra screen real estate and add some easy shortcuts on top of Windows 7. Besides that, the Core i7-powered system has HDMI in and out ports in case you want to just use the system as a display and can be configured with a Blu-ray drive/burner for writing all those recorded Jersey Shore episodes. We told you it was more like a TV than previous versions. Starting at $1,200, the L can be configured to your liking, but all models will come with NVIDIA's latest GeForce GT500M graphics, Dolby Home Theater speakers as well as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

On the more mobile side, Sony's brought its 3D talents down to the 16-inch VAIO F Series. Packing Intel's second generation quad-core Core i7 processors and NVIDIA's latest GeForce GT540M GPU, the F isn't just a mother of a gaming rig, but its built-in 3D transmitter, Full HD 3D LED backlight, and its 1920 x 1080-resolution display provides one heck of a viewing experience. Sony is using NVIDIA's 3D technology at the core, but it's also done some significant tweaking on top to enhance refresh rates and viewing angles. Oh, and did we mention that it has a 3D button to convert 2D video and Blu-ray and DVD to 3D in real time? It's pretty much the multimedia laptop of the year, but be prepared to set aside $1,700. Both the F Series 3D and L Series will be available next month from Sony, but it shouldn't be too long before we can bring you some more impressions from the show floor. Until then enjoy dreaming up what you'd do with either one of these with the shots below and the press releases after the break. %Gallery-112288%

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Subject: Media Alert: VAIO L Series Touch PC and HDTV All-in-One Provides Multi-Touch Entertainment Experience

WHO: The new Sony VAIO® L Series Touch HD PC/TV features a stunning 24-inch (diagonal) multi-touch screen enabling intuitive touch access to the internet, TV, Blu-ray Disc™ movies and more.

WHAT: Unique to the L Series, the multi-touch screen features technology which extends the touchable area of the screen to the LCD bezel. This technology provides simple access to everyday shortcuts enabling users to close windows, flip through web pages quickly and zoom by touching the black glass sections along the edge of the PC.

The L model features a built-in television. It also serves as a DVR letting you play and record your favorite television shows to Blu-ray Disc media or store up to100 hours of HD content to its massive hard drive. This model features two built-in speakers and Dolby Home Theater® technology providing a cinematic listening experience at home.
For those who prefer to watch content on a big screen television, the L Series also has an HDMI™ output connector so you can connect to a high-definition TV set for a larger viewing experience.
Designed to easily blend with your home décor, the VAIO L Touch PC features a sleek V-shape stand and is wall-mountable for a slick, space-saving computing experience. It also comes with a stylish wireless keyboard and wireless mouse letting you work freely without cords, and optional keyboard skins in eye-catching colors.

WHEN: Available for pre-sale in late February at and at select retailers around the country for about $1200. To find the closest Sony Style store, please visit

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