Xfinity iPad app getting streaming update 'in the coming weeks,' Android app 'later this year'

An update for those of you rocking Comcast's Xfinity TV iPad app, patiently waiting for the availability of streaming On Demand content on Apple's tablet and the app itself on the billions of upcoming Android-powered tablets. When we first spotted the functionality during November's Web 2.0 Summit, we were told it was coming either "by the end of the year" or in "a couple of weeks." A quick glance at our Hunks of Kabletown calendar indicates we missed that goal, but a press blast today says we can expect the capability to "be available on the iPad in the coming weeks and which will enable the viewing of On Demand programming on the iPad." It's also adding live news and TV shows to the list of streaming content, so you won't be limited to archived On Demand programming. But that's not all! The Big C will "add the same functionality and content to Android powered devices later this year" as well as a less tablet-centric offering at right now, so you can change channels sans-remote with just about any device you want. Now, can you get on that Newton app, Comcast?