Audi's next-generation, Tegra-Powered MMI Touch is coming to Audi A3 first

When it comes to the proliferation of fancy infotainment systems into cars there are two schools of thought. Some, like Ford, believe that these systems should start at the lower range cars and spread across the brand. Other marques, typically higher-end ones, go the other way 'round, and Audi is definitely guilty, launching its MMI on the higher-end sedans and SUVs, like the A8 and Q7. That's changing with the next version of MMI Touch, starting on the (relatively) attainable A3.

NVIDIA was quite proud to show off the system, with Tegra providing the power behind the scenes as we saw last year. That means lovely rendering of Google Earth, in 3D no less, and of course responsive performance. According to Autoblog it looks like the system's capacitive touchpad is being integrated into the scroll wheel, which should offer a solid usability improvement. No word on when we'll get to experience it, though, but we wouldn't be surprised to learn more next week in Detroit.