Energizer rolls into CES with new power packs, inductive chargers, solar products, and more

We've seen a handful of new Energizer cases and charges crop up over the past few months, but the company's turned up at CES with those and a ton more, and we got up close with their complete lineup. That includes the AP1204 iPhone battery case, the AP750 EnergiStick backup battery for any microUSB-equipped phone (pictured above), the Energi To Go SP1001 solar charges for smartphones and mobile devices, a whole range of solar / crank-powered flashlights, and its Qi inductive charger complete with cases for the iPhone 4 and a replacement cover for the BlackBerry Curve 8900, among a host of other poewr-related products. Head on past the break for the complete press release, and hit up the gallery below for a look at the entire lineup.

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Energizer Expands Portfolio; Features Award-Winning Devices and Powerful New Products

Making Life Better with Inductive Innovations for Charging, Portable Power for Busy Lifestyles and Solar Solutions for Extended Adventures

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- While today's powerful mobile devices free consumers to do more from just about anywhere, they demand as much power as they deliver. Energizer is meeting the need for more reliable and longer-lasting power with products that help consumers get more out of their devices while they're away from wires and wall sockets.

At Digital Experience, held on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Energizer will showcase the latest in inductive charging technology, an expanded line of acclaimed Energizer® Energi To Go® portable power packs, new solar options for power and lights, and an array of accessories that utilize cutting-edge power technologies and provide a glimpse of what's in store for the future.

Two must-see products are the Energizer® Inductive Charger, and the Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger, both named CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award Honorees in the Portable Power category. They will be showcased in the Grand Lobby of the Las Vegas Convention Center, demonstrating how the company has gone far beyond the battery to introduce products that help make consumers' lives better.

"As the demand for products like tablets and smartphones skyrockets, so does demand for power, and Energizer is providing consumers with an array of options from a brand they know and trust," said Jim Olsen, Vice President of Marketing for North America. "We are very proud of the array of products we're featuring and the recognition we've received from the Consumer Electronics Association for our chargers."

The Future of Charging (click to view PDF of product fact sheet)

In October, Energizer introduced consumers to the future of charging and the industry took notice: the Energizer® Inductive Charger was named a CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award Honoree in the Portable Power category. On the cusp of charging technology, it brings the new universal wireless charging standard – Qi (chee) – to consumers, for convenient charging for smartphones now and in the future.

As with other standards that are common across brands – such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies – this exciting new development in inductive technology will allow chargers and devices to communicate with one another, regardless of manufacturer. That means consumers will enjoy the freedom to charge their smartphones, MP3 players, cameras and GPS devices on a single charging station because any device built or enabled with Qi will work with any charger that also has Qi.

Energizer, the first to bring a full suite of Qi-certified products to market, is unveiling a Qi sleeve for the iPhone® 4 at CES, a follow-up to their Qi Sleeve for the iPhone® 3GS/3G and a one-time replacement Qi Door for the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900. It is anticipated that other manufacturers will be introducing devices with Qi built right in, ultimately eliminating the need for doors and sleeves. The Inductive Charger features two large charging zones that don't require locking the device into a precise position, and a USB port to charge a third device.


The Wireless Power Consortium will be featuring the Energizer® Inductive Charger and several new Qi-compatible devices from other manufacturers at Digital Experience and at a media event at the Venetian Hotel on Jan. 7th. Media interested in attending can click here for additional information.

Portable Power (click to view PDF of product fact sheet)

As technology grows infinitely more mobile, the need for plug-free power has never been greater. Even the most advanced smartphones, netbooks and tablets are limited by battery life and when devices are out of commission, so are their owners. The Energizer line of Energi To Go® portable power products continues to grow, working with even more devices to free consumers from wall sockets.

The Energizer® AP1201 for the iPhone® 4 is the first silicone rubber case with built-in rechargeable battery, providing a permanent power source that offers nearly twice the power for iPhone® 4 users. The one-piece case provides power, protection and style, while extending the talk time of the iPhone® (up to 9.8 hours on a 2G network or 4.8 hours on 3G network), tune time (up to 28 hours), Internet time (up to 7 hours) and standby time (up to 210 hours).

The Energizer® AP750 EnergiStick™ is the perfect pocket-sized portable power solution for any micro-USB smartphone. This back-up battery's compact size and slim shape make it a convenient way to get an additional talk time in a power pinch.

The Energizer® XP2000K Power Travel Kit offers all-in-one portable power for the home, car and all points in between. It includes the XP2000 portable charger and all of the accessories needed for extra talking, texting and listening time.

The collection also welcomes the PC07 connecting tip designed specifically for the iPad®. This adapter will work with both the Energizer® Energi To Go® XP8000 and Energizer® Energi To Go® XP18000, bringing consumers hours of extra energy to work, play and surf on the go.

The complete line of Energizer® Energi To Go® products will be on display throughout the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the Las Vegas Hilton Hospitality Suite 2993.

Spotlight on Solar (click to view PDF of product fact sheet)

With interest in solar power on the rise, Energizer has been hard at work expanding its line of solar powered devices. Whether consumers want rechargeable devices for their outdoor adventures or simple solar panels to harness renewable energy, Energizer is there, delivering the latest and brightest solar solutions.

The Energizer® Solar™ line of lights utilizes bright sunlight and even overcast skies to recharge their embedded rechargeable battery packs for hours of illumination. The line includes the Energizer® Solar™ Lantern, which can also be powered by three D cell batteries, the Energizer® Solar™ Flashlight with a hand crank for kinetic energy on the spot and the Energizer® Solar™ Spot Light, which includes a DC adapter for charging as you drive. The company incorporated a secondary power source into each of these lights so users would always have a charging option regardless of the weather or time of day.

The Energizer® Energi To Go® SP1001 portable solar charger combines solar power and the company's popular line of portable power products into one brilliant on-the-go solution for micro-USB smartphones and mobile devices. This hybrid device charges cell phones, smartphones and MP3 players using sunlight, indoor light or AC power.

Energizer is also bringing simplicity to solar power with a line of easy-to-assemble weather-resistant exterior solar panels that mount virtually anywhere. The Energizer® EZ1300 Solar Panel Charger provides 20 watt/1.3 amps of power and is ideal for powering a lighting system and small appliances, as well as replacing 12V power consumption. The Energizer® EZ3900 with 60 watt/ 3.9 amps of power is also available.

Chargers and Accessories that Go the Extra Mile (click to view PDF of product fact sheet)

Energizer has long been known as an innovative leader in the field of batteries, lighting products and portable power. Now, the company is bringing that same innovative spirit to a whole new line of chargers and electronic devices and accessories for work and play.

Those who crave staying connected and need back-up power on the go will appreciate the new Energizer® Universal USB Chargers. These devices plug right into either a wall or car and instantly transform them into a charging station using the USB cables that consumers already have. The wall model features a fold-out plug for easy travel, and both the car and wall models are available in one and two USB port models.

The Energizer® Travel Adapter is a convenient all-in-one accessory for the road warrior. It plugs into a wall socket to provide three additional outlets and a nightlight on the front, two USB charging ports on the side and an iPod® dock on top. The adapter automatically corrects for various foreign voltages and includes interchangeable international plugs for destinations around the globe.

The Energizer® Extended Flash Case for the iPhone® 3G/3GS, the iPhone® 4, the BlackBerry® 8500 and BlackBerry® 9700 helps users get more from their smartphone's built-in camera. The Extended Flash Case uses Energizer button cell batteries to power a built-in LED flash that syncs with smartphones to extend the range of indoor and low light photos, all while protecting the phone from drops and bumps.

These new products, along with several additional upcoming Energizer-branded accessories can be previewed at the Premier showcase, CES South Hall Upper Level Booth #36042.

Building Better Batteries (click to view PDF of product fact sheet)

Batteries may be what built the Energizer brand, but the company is not one to rest on laurels. Even after more than a century in the business, the company continues to innovate and reinvent, producing batteries that provide greater value to consumers. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries last up to eight times longer in digital cameras*, not only giving consumers the power to Keep Going® up to eight times longer, but using eight times less batteries which produces up to eight times less waste headed for landfills.

In addition, Energizer 2300 mAh AA rechargeable batteries can now be charged up to 250 MORE** times, and with the Energizer® Recharge Smart™ Charger – another CES Innovations 2011 Design and Engineering Award Honoree – consumers never have to guess how much power remains in their batteries. Developed in response to consumer interest in understanding more about their batteries' charging status so they're not caught off guard without battery power, this ENERGY STAR®-certified charger features a large LCD screen with a countdown clock displaying remaining charging time and a fuel gauge indicating the current level of power in the rechargeable batteries. It also boasts a steady charge rate, which extends the number of battery life cycles, and a bad battery alert that automatically indicates if the batteries are no longer useful or if a disposable battery has been inserted by mistake.

Through innovative technologies, thoughtful design and consumer insights, Energizer continues to build an impressive portfolio of batteries, chargers, portable power and lights that power people's lives in a responsible and increasingly renewable way. The focus on product innovation is an integral part of Energizer's new platform called "Now That's Positivenergy," which communicates the message of power plus responsibility to consumers around the world. This new platform reinforces the company's belief in providing more power with less impact, and will encourage positive actions.

*vs. Energizer® MAX®. Results vary by camera.

**vs. Energizer® AA 2450 mAh.

About Energizer

Energizer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ENR), headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is one of the world's largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable battery-powered devices, and portable flashlights and lanterns. Energizer is a global leader in the dynamic business of providing power solutions with a full portfolio of products including Energizer® brand battery products Energizer® MAX® premium alkaline; Energizer® Ultimate Lithium; Energizer® Advanced Lithium; Rechargeable batteries and charging systems; and portable flashlights and lanterns.

Energizer continues to fulfill its role as a technology innovator by redefining portable power solutions to meet people's active lifestyle needs for today and tomorrow with Energizer® Energi To Go® chargers for rechargeable portable devices; charging systems for wireless video game controllers; and specialty batteries for hearing aids, health and fitness devices, as well as for keyless remote entry systems, toys and watches. Energizer is redefining where energy, technology and freedom meet to bring to market consumer-focused products that power the essential devices that help people stay connected and on the go at work and at play. Visit, or

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