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GoPro 3D Hero, Battery, and LCD BacPac hands-on

Helmet cam user? Chances are you've suffered the extreme indignity of capturing footage of the sky or the ground but, sadly, nothing in between. They're hard to aim. GoPro is tackling that issue with the LCD BacPack, a clip-on LCD that attaches on the back interface port on 1080p HD Hero cameras, showing you not only what the camera is looking at but also battery life and even a speaker. Then there's the Battery BacPac, which is the same size but instead of a display makes room for a second battery and, thanks to its miniUSB port, doubles as an external battery charger. Neat! And, yes, there's a new back cover needed to fit over the new bulge.

Finally there's the egregious 3D Hero expansion, a revised version of what we saw in September. It comes with a cable to ensure that both start filming at the same time, though sadly it doesn't come with any extra neck muscles to keep this thing aloft should you affix it to your helmet. We got a chance to look at some of the resulting footage and the results are compelling -- not as clear as your average big-budget Hollywood summer release but, considering the size of the thing, quite compelling. All three devices are expected to launch in the next few months but, sadly, at undisclosed prices.