Honeycomb will not require dual-core CPU as minimum hardware spec

Oh, never mind then. Google's ever-informative and ever-knowledgeable Dan Morrill has disabused the world from the bogus belief that Android's "made for tablets" iteration, aka Honeycomb, will require a dual-core processor as a minimum to run. Dan says there are no specific CPU requirements for aspiring Android 3.0 tablets to meet and we should all sit back, relax, and enjoy our breakfast. That's reassuring to note, but let's not read more into it than what's said -- while Honeycomb might not technically require a dual-core beastie to power it, there's a reason why the Motorola Xoom (which is soon to become the first device to offer Honeycomb onboard) is launching with a Tegra 2 chip inside.

[Thanks, Dean]