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Huawei IDEOS X5 announced for Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and (eventually) the US

Of the manifold riches sure to unloaded by the fine folks at Huawei at this year's CES, be on the lookout for the IDEOS X5. The Android 2.2 smartphone that we first saw yesterday features a 3.8-inch multitouch screen, SWYPE input, a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video, FM radio, and Flash 10.1 -- all in a svelte 11.4mm thick package. Available in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand beginning this month, with a U.S. carrier to be announced. Keep an eye on this space for news from the launch later today!

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January 06, 2011 08:00 AM Eastern Time
Huawei Device Introduces IDEOS X5 at CES

New Ultra-Slim Smartphone with Android-Based Operating System, High-Speed Connectivity and High Definition Video
2011 International CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Huawei Device today unveiled the most recent addition to the IDEOS™ family of smart devices, the IDEOS X5. With excellent browsing, high definition video experiences and the power of the Android™ 2.2 operating system, this ultra slim touch screen phone features excellent Internet browsing capabilities as well as high speed connectivity. From hardware and software to product design, each detail of the IDEOS X5 is specifically chosen to bring consumers a smart mobile experience that is easy to enjoy.

Speaking at a press event at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Victor Xu, Chief Marketing Officer of Huawei Device, said, "We are excited to launch the next generation IDEOS: the X5 smartphone. This smartphone is a new alternative to traditional brands and competes well in terms of design and functionality. IDEOS X5 offers the latest technology at a price that's right."

The IDEOS X5 provides business professionals with more efficient solutions including document processing capabilities supporting Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF formats. The smartphone provides email functionality through Gmail and Exchange mailboxes, in addition to calendar support for schedule management. It also offers high speed connectivity through HSPA and WiFi 802.11n, enabling professionals to stay connected at all times and places.

The IDEOS X5 features:

* a 3.8 inch multiple touch screen with easy-to-use SWYPE input and voice recognition for additional convenience
* an ultra-slim width of 11.4mm, curved edges and brush metal coating to serve as an ideal everyday accessory
* a 5 mega pixel camera with 720p high definition video recording and playback
* a FM radio, SRS professional audio effect and Flash 10.1 to enhance the gaming experience

The IDEOS X5 will be available in Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand beginning January 2011. A U.S. carrier will be announced mid-2011 and pricing details will be confirmed at that time.

The IDEOS X5 is the next phone in the IDEOS™ range and is jam-packed with features designed to simplify your world. First launched in September 2010, IDEOS has sold more than one million handsets in over 70 countries. People in more than 130 countries are already using Huawei devices, which are often customized and rebranded by operators. This expansion of the IDEOS brand represents a new era in establishing Huawei Device as a stand-alone brand.

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