HyperMac responds with vengeance, and non-patent infringing adapter

You may remember back in September the sad story of an Apple filed patent-infringement lawsuit that HyperMac and their beloved HyperMac batteries found themselves at the end of. The big whigs in Cupertino accussed HyperMac of using their patented MagSafe power connector and 30-pin iPhone / iPod dock connectors without the proper licensing agreements. Well, HyperMac has responded with a clever yet uninvasive way to avoid future legal ramification and still satisfy a power hungry family of MacBooks and their equally demanding users. HyperMac has now included a new Auto / Airline Adapter with their newly renamed HyperJuice external batteries which connects to a Magsafe Airline Adapter that you can legally purchase from Apple for $49. It is still the same old HyperMac battery we know and love, but with a juicier name and new connection.

Update: HyperMac has also included a law abiding MagSafe Cable DIY kit with their HyperJuice external batteries. The kit is made up of two connectors, one male, one female, both connecting to the MacBook Power Adapter cable. Check the break for the official diagram of these connectors.