HyperMac's external hard drive enclosure for iPad hands-on

HyperMac is known more for its power-extending solutions than its other peripherals, but this still-unannounced iPad external hard drive enclosure we spotted at the company's booth is certainly interesting. Capable of accepting a standard 2.5-inch hard drive, the brushed metal box has two miniUSB ports around back -- one to connect to your computer, and another to connect to your iPad. Unfortunately, unlike other iPad storage solutions like the AirStash, because it interfaces through Apple's USB camera adapter, you're limited to photos and video content only. On top of that, it only works with the iPad because the iPhone and iPod touch don't support that particular accessory. The target price point is around $100 without any physical drive -- yes, it's a BYOHD affair -- which is definitely steeper than we'd like, especially given the limited functionality. Still, if you've got more content than space to spare, you might want to look into picking one of these up when it drops in sometime later this month.