Looxcie introduces LooxcieLive, enables mobile-to-mobile stream viewing

Vlogging and lifecasting are both things we haven't really gotten into in this new-age of gadget crazed aliens and humans, but the LooxcieCam is a gadget -- and you know us, we kinda-maybe-sorta really love gadgets. Here at the Consumer Electronics Show, Looxcie ousted its new streaming service which it has dubbed LooxcieLive. In addition to the Bluetooth video connectivity to your smartphone, the service allows you to beam the vidcast across mobile networks and WiFi to any other dude or dudette on your contacts list that's got the app installed. Those looking to get started right away will be disappointed -- the service is currently unavailable, but will be live within the first half of 2011.

Aside from the newly announced software, we got a chance to play with the LooxcieCam. The headset we looked at was paired (via Bluetooth) to a Droid X using the LooxcieMoments app, and the streaming quality was something we hope to see an improvement on. The unit, stuffed with 4GB of recording memory, can record one hour of VGA quality (and 4 hours of sub-VGA quality). The app is both available in the Market and App Store, and minimum requirements to run it are 2.0 on Android and 4.2 on iOS. Interested in seeing the headset in action? Head past the break and click play.

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Looxcie Announces LooxcieLive: First Wearable Live Video Streaming from Looxcie Headsets to Mobile Devices

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Looxcie, makers of the first wearable camcorder that lets users go back and capture moments then instantly share them, announced today that it has developed LooxcieLive™, a breakthrough live video streaming service that leverages the award-winning Looxcie social video camera. LooxcieLive™, planned for a first half 2011 release, allows users to capture live video from their point of view and stream it across mobile networks and Wi-Fi, to single or multiple viewers. Users can stream "see-what-I-see" personal video casts to share with others, creating an immersive, real-time experience for the viewers no matter where they are.

"Looxcie is innovating in first-person video streaming by creating an immersive environment for your viewers to see and experience what you see in real-time," said Looxcie CEO, Romulus Pereira. "LooxcieLive has created a way for people to easily share their life, whether they're rock climbing, sailing, or touring the Pyramids in Egypt, with anyone they wish in a way that brings the viewers along for the ride."

In addition to LooxcieLive, Looxcie now offers two other smartphone apps: LooxcieCam, the new smartphone app that lets Looxcie users record high-quality 30 frames per second (fps) video in full 480p; and LooxcieMoments, the original Looxcie app for instantly creating and sharing clips. With the apps on a compatible smartphone, Looxcie is a mobile-connected device, allowing you to instantly share and stream life on the go. (Looxcie apps are compatible with Android 2.0 and higher phones as well as with iPhone iOS 4.2 and higher). With the addition of these new apps, Looxcie is an extensible platform for online video sharing.

In addition to the mobile apps, the new LooxcieDesktop helper application for the PC or Mac gives users the ability to easily transfer their entire raw video contents captured via LooxcieMoments, to their desktop computer for archiving or editing, and also provides automatic firmware updating of the device, making it easy to extend the device's capabilities.