MMT's DisplayLink-equipped 15.4-inch Monitor2Go hands-on at CES 2011 (video)

We just happened upon MMT's Monitor2Go at CES's ShowStoppers event here in Vegas, and... well, it's a Mimo monitor, but huge. The new version -- which is expected to ship in a few months here in the US for $279 -- lacks the number pad that was on last year's model. That one was aimed primarily at accountants on the run, whereas this DisplayLink-equipped version is aimed at everyone else. You can catch up on all of the specifications and such here, but the actual display felt satisfactorily light, the swiveling hinge was rock solid and the screen itself was acceptable for a secondary solution. The low resolution won't dazzle anyone, and it's certainly no replacement for a legitimate monitor, but it's definitely easier to lug around than a new ST2220T. Head on past the break for a quick video demonstration.

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