Morrowind 2011 mod pack pulled after modders raise concerns

Just a few short days after its public release, Tyler Smith's Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind graphical update, the "Morrowind 2011" mod, is under attack, its torrent link blocked after Smith received threats of legal action from modders whose work was appropriated for the pack. Though Smith admits there were issues with how content was credited in the initial release, he insists the credits were being updated.

Modders claimed on the Bethesda forums (in a thread that has since been removed) that their work was being used illegally and without their permission.

"The real problem here, however, was that when the package came out, a few modders (myself included) contacted the compiler and simply asked for [him] to a) ask permission to use the mods and b) remove ones that he couldn't get permission for," one modder, who preferred not to be named, told Joystiq. "Just a bit of respect for the modders who put their time and effort in, and most of us would've given permission if asked."

Smith, who has chronicled the ordeal on his blog, seemed to have little hope that a resolution between he and the miffed modders would be reached. Though he has blocked the original torrent link, he admits it's possible that Morrowind 2011 could be redistributed by others.

"In the end I'm just very disappointed that I wasn't given a chance to correct the issues with the package, as I knew there were issues that were [in the process of being] fixed/updated," Smith told us. "But the file is out on the internet, and it will be very hard for anyone to remove it from all the sites."