Motorola Xoom first hands-on! (update: video!)

Look what we found hanging around the Motorola stand at CES this evening: none other than the just announced Motorola Xoom tablet. While this sleek little device is still running a very early build of Honeycomb, we were able to sneak some peeks at the stuff Google and Motorola don't actually want you to see just yet. The device was looping demo videos of the Honeycomb UI, but a little investigation on our part revealed a bare bones homescreen. We're still trying to decipher just what we saw, but for now check out the first hands-on images in the gallery below.

Update: We went back to do a little more investigation, and this thing is most definitely running Honeycomb. We were able to bring up the app pane, and saw the full suite of Google apps within. We also caught a new app switcher, which is invoked by hitting a little icon that resembles a deck of cards. Check out the UI shots in the second gallery.

Update 2: Now with video after the break!