BT 'Content Connect' lets ISPs charge content providers for high-speed video delivery

We haven't heard a ton of talk about net neutrality here at CES, but the issue has now cropped up in a fairly big way across the pond -- British Telecom's wholesale division has just rolled out a service it calls "Content Connect," which basically allows ISPs relying on BT's network to charge content providers like YouTube for high-speed delivery of video within the UK. That naturally means that anyone who doesn't pay will have to deal with slower video delivery, which would in a very real sense create a two-tier internet. For its part, BT insists that it "supports the concept of net neutrality," and it says that the new service will actually speed up download speeds even for those that don't pay up, as it would ease network congestion. All which, of course, echoes some of the core arguments we've been hearing for years now, and won't likely stop hearing anytime soon.

[Thanks, Pete]