Mirasol-equipped Qualcomm reference tablet hands-on (update: Android tablet confirmed to be a mock-up)

If you were unaware, we're pretty psyched about the upcoming display tech from Mirasol. We were when we peeped it last year, and we've been eagerly awaiting this screen tech's arrival ever since. Despite promises from PocketBook USA that we'd see an actual consumer product at this year's convention (and even a leaked video), when we hit the company up they met us with blank stares and promises that we'd see it at CeBIT. All we were able to find was another Qualcomm reference device, which is still totally drool worthy and makes us more eager for it to hit shipping devices. The screen actually looks a bit improved this year, and we're not seeing the same yellowing that we've noticed in the past. You don't have to take our word for it though, we've got photo proof for you to feast your eyes on below.

Update: We just paid Qualcomm another visit, and this time the folks confirmed that the Android tablet in their recent promotion video is definitely not a real product, ergo not the PocketBook Android tablet. We were also told that had it been the real deal, they would've made a huge announcement at CES. Ah well, we'll just have to wait until CeBIT.