NVIDIA and Fujitsu Ten's Android Car Nav hands-on (video)

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.07.11

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NVIDIA and Fujitsu Ten's Android Car Nav hands-on (video)
We're seeing a few companies mixing a little Android on the dashboard, most notably Parrot, and while we think the little green guy certainly has a future in next-gen infotainment systems, we're not quite sure this is it. It's a prototype display, running on Tegra power and developed in conjunction with Fujitsu Ten. Right now it's offering little more functionality than a raw Android tablet, made more car-friendly only by the addition of big home, back, and menu buttons. The UI is showing only a simple maps app, centered in Tokyo, and overall things look... early. But, we're certainly eager to see what the companies can do with Android on the dash -- down the road a little.

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