Working RED Scarlet appears at our trailer, we go hands-on! (video)

Last year at CES, we had a surprise visit from RED's Ted Schilowitz showing off their non-functioning RED Scarlet prototype. Ted just stopped by our trailer again, this time with a working version and it's a seriously impressive piece of hardware. We grabbed a camera and sat down with Ted for an in-depth hands-on, so head on past the break for the exclusive video and some details!

Sporting a fixed lens, touchscreen monitor, and RED's wireless remote control, the Scarlet definitely seems more accessible than the company's namesake RED ONE camera, but don't let the touchscreen fool you -- this is a pro camera made for professional cinematography and photography. The Scarlet shoots at 3K resolution up to 120 RAW frames-per-second to CF cards or an optional SSD module. The whole device is modular and there are add-ons for more professional audio, storage, and more. Ted wouldn't tell us a release date, but he did say that the price would be "extremely competitive" when we brought up Pansonic's AF100. Of course, this is RED, a company known for long product development times, so we won't hold our breathe waiting for this to come out, but from our hands-on demo it's clear from the prototype that Scarlet's a beast of a camera that would raise the bar for affordable imaging.