InfiniTV 4 USB CableCARD tuner hands-on

We ran into the Hammers from Ceton Corp at CES and they revealed their latest products to us; the InfiniTV 4 USB and the internal InfiniTV 6. The InfiniTV 6 is basically the six tuner version of the InfiniTV 4 that we like so much, what we don't like is that there's no mention of price or availability -- we'd guess $500 or $600 and sometime during the middle of 2011. The more interesting revelation was that of the InfiniTV 4 USB, which you see pictured above. It also doesn't have a price yet, but it does record four HD shows at once like its internal brother, has a real nice feel to it, and looks really, really cool. We were curious to know how many of the InifniTV 4's have been sold to Windows Media Center users, and while exact figures weren't forthcoming, we were told "thousands and thousands." At this point Ceton is still focused on eliminating its four month order backlog and will turn its attention to brining new products to market after that.