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Intel's been wishin' and hopin' for a Microsoft tablet OS, Windows 8 rumors recommence

We're not going to lie, Microsoft's news on the tablet front here at CES has been quite a disappointment. While it teased that it's working on "the next version of Windows" for ARM, it didn't talk about its plans for a tablet-based OS at all. It's been Windows 7 and more Windows 7. And according to CNET, we're not the only ones that want Microsoft to show some movement on the tablet UI front -- Intel has been pushing Microsoft for a long time. In addition, Intel's marketing chief Tom Kilroy seemed to imply that Microsoft's tablet solution is still a ways off. Now, of course, Microsoft seems to be moving away from Intel and starting to work on some flavor of Windows for ARM chips, and perhaps related to that, ZDNet's Microsoft maven Mary Jo Foley has heard quite a bit about a new "application model" for Windows 8 called Jupiter. Foley has heard that Microsoft is working on a new XAML user interface for Win 8, which will support "smoother animation," more media capabilities, and "immersive apps." It will also be lightweight, and thus, ideal for tablets or slates. Microsoft's Vice President of Microsoft's Developer Division Soma Somasegar actually seemed to confirm the project to Foley, but claims it has changed directions quite a bit. So, what does this all mean? In sum, Microsoft's in no better position on the tablet front than it was a few weeks or months ago. And the wait continues...