Nintendo 3DS good for only 3 to 8 hours of play time per charge

Remember those all-night Mario Kart DS and Advance Wars marathons? Looking to recreate the magic with the 3DS? Bring a wall charger. Nintendo's just unveiled its best-case scenario figures for the 3DS' battery life, and compared with its predecessors, it ain't pretty. The official numbers are three to five hours playing per game, or five to eight if playing an older DS title (and up to three hours 30 minutes to fully recharge). So... three to eight hours under the most ideal circumstances. Let's look at the family album: the DS is 10 to 14 hours, DS Lite 15 to 19 hours, DSi 9 to 14 hours, and DSi XL 13 to 17 hours (all figures also from Nintendo). Can't say we're entirely surprised; Haus of Mario Chief Satoru Iwata's own words back in October were "it is inevitable that Nintendo 3DS will be a device which requires more frequent recharging than Nintendo DS." Think of it as an extension of the warning label. You can never be too careful, you know.