Wireless Media Stick hands-on: stream your content to anything with a USB port

The Wireless Media Stick is an interesting little product that aims to bring media streaming to pretty much anything with a USB port. If the concept sounds familiar, that's because it kind of is -- we reviewed the Infinitec Infinite USB Memory Drive late last year. This USB stick has built-in WiFi, so you connect it to your network and can plug it into pretty much anything with a USB port that can read a mass storage device. We saw it demoed in a Blu-ray player as well as an iPod dock (both USB-equipped of course), and in the short time we spent with it the thing seemed to work as advertised. Under the hood it's essentially a Samba client, so all you have to do is share a folder on your Mac or PC and it'll show up in your Xbox, PS3, or whatever other box you've got it plugged into. We also saw an Android app that enables you to share all your content on your device straight to the stick, which should be hitting the Android Market January 30th. There are also BlackBerry and iOS versions in the works, but we weren't told when to expect them. We watched a playback of a Green Hornet movie trailer streamed to the device and it didn't seem to have much lag, but we'll have to put one through the paces to make a final judgment call. If you want to pick one up, it'll cost you a cool $120.