LG's Thinq automated oven, refrigerator, and washer / dryer are the future now (hands-on)

Ah, the connected home... the ultimate Jetsonian fantasy that refuses to come true. LG's doing its best to change that with its Thinq lineup of connected appliances announced and demonstrated for the first time here in Las Vegas. The details of connectivity and interoperability are scarce but we do know that the appliances support both WiFi and ZigBee connectivity in order to communicate with each other, your in-home smart meter, and with smartphones when outside of the home. So far, LG has announced four Thinq devices including a vacuum, fridge, oven, and washer and dryer pair. That's a pretty strong foundation to build from especially if your home is already equipped with ZigBee devices like automated light switches, window controllers, and locks. Each LG appliance brings a rather lengthy list of features many of which are accessible remotely on a smartphone app (Android was demonstrated). It's just hard to fathom how useful they are without a humanoid robot capable of moving the finished wash into the dryer or putting the porkroast in the oven. And while being able to look up the contents of your fridge as you enter the supermarket sounds compelling, knowing that the owner has to manage the list manually (there's no UPC code scanner and RFID is still just a dream) tarnishes our enthusiasm quite a bit. Still, Thinq is definitely a step in the right direction. Watch LG make its pitch after the break.