Oxygen Audio's O Car deck turns your iPhone into a car stereo

Like the idea of having your iPhone with you in your car, but looking for an alternative to a Bluetooth transmitter or cabled hook-ups? You may want to check out the Oxygen Audio O Car stereo deck, which basically turns your iPhone itself into your car stereo. Brought to our attention by Gizmodo, the O Car deck allows users to control all the regular car stereo functions, like volume and tuning, along with their iTunes library, internet radio station apps, GPS navigation, Google maps -- and anything else one uses their iPhone for. By clicking the iPhone into the dock/charger (for both landscape and portrait use), it becomes a slick part of your car's dashboard. Sure beats the look of your regular old standard car stereo deck, that's for sure.

Priced at US$349, the O Car has pre-amp outputs and FM/AM preset station options, it puts out 4 X 55 watts of power (max), and it supports the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. While it is seemingly a little pricey, it's a neat implementation for in-car iPhone use. I have been using my iPhone to listen to Pandora streaming in the car via a wired connection, but my phone always ends up somewhere on the passenger-side floor when I take a corner too fast. Having the ability to click it in place right on the dash would be a welcome addition to my car. Of course, I could just install an in-dash iPad for even more features, but my Mini Cooper doesn't really have that kind of space.

[via Gizmodo]