Toyota debuts new Prius models, family-friendlier Prius V and funkier Prius C

Toyota made no bones about the fact that more Prius models were to be unveiled in Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, even throwing advertisements up around town asking whether it's supposed to be Priuses or Priii. (We, as you can see, chose to side-step the debate.) Now we know what's coming, first being the Prius V. It's the MPV the company has been teasing, basically just a taller version of the four-door sedan with a hatchback and a whopping 60 percent more cargo space -- 32 cubic feet, which is more than most compact SUVs. It's to be rated 42mpg city, 38 highway, and 40 combined, which is a surprising 10mpg lower than the sedan model. That's perhaps a bit disappointing, but availability this summer is a pleasant surprise.

Next is the Prius C, naturally for "concept," which is aimed at "young singles and couples." It's definitely funkier and way cooler than the current model, looking to have a nose very similar to the car's FT-86 concept. We hope the production model looks quite close to this, and while that's always a doubtful proposition we won't have all that long to wait, with it hitting dealerships in the first half of 2012. Toyota also showed off the Prius Plug-In, the very same one we test drove last year, said to be coming first to the western and eastern coasts of the US first, and re-affirmed the "patriarch" status of the current-generation Prius sedan, having sold 230,000 cars since 2009. It's good to be the king.