Engadget has left the building: this was CES 2011

We came. We saw. We conquered (in our own, gadget-obsessed way). Yes, CES 2011 happened, and we were there for every heart stopping minute of it. This was definitely one for the record books; not only did we bring the biggest team we've ever had to the show, but the gear we saw this year was some of the most interesting and career-affirming stuff we've looked at in a long time. From Motorola's awesome Android offerings (the crazy, modular Atrix and Honeycomb-sporting Xoom), loads of terrific new smartphones, to really innovative auto tech, and connected TVs and set top boxes that actually make sense -- this feels like the right place to be at the right time.

But really, what makes CES 2011 so amazing for the Engadget team are two things: the fact that all of our editors get to be in the same room, living and breathing our shared obsession (and trust us, we have an absolute blast), and that we can bring all of the craziness of this show to you guys. We're psyched to have come together and just gone nuts this year, but between the lack of sleep and ridiculous amount of posts we've done, we're also really happy to see our homes again.

Of course, there's always the next event (hello, Verizon iPhone) and even the next CES (hello, 2012), but until then, enjoy the pics below and feast your eyes on some of these staggering stats from Engadget's CES 2011 coverage!
Vital stats

Number of posts: approx. 720 (January 3rd to 9th; up 14 percent over 2010)
Number of photo galleries: 336
Number of videos: approx. 173
Number of podcasts: 11 (5 Classic, 3 HD, 3 Mobile)

Most commented post: Google shows off Android 3.0, the 'Entirely for Tablet' Honeycomb (1,001 comments)
Most watched video: Gaming on the Motorola Atrix laptop dock... upside down

Time spent sleeping, per editor per 24-hour cycle: 3 hours (down 14 percent over 2010)
3G cards: 32
WiMAX cards: 28
LTE cards: 1
Hypermacs: 2
DSLRs: 28
This year's song: Rihanna ft Drake - What's My Name (Chopped... and screwed)
Most orders of In-N-Out fries at once: 32 (16 regular, 13 Animal Style, 3 well done)

Team Engadget

Ground crew: Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel, Thomas Ricker, Paul Miller, Ross Miller, Darren Murph, Vladislav Savov, Sean Hollister, Chris Ziegler, Richard Lawler, Joanna Stern, Ben Drawbaugh, Sean Cooper, Don Melanson, Tim Stevens, Richard Lai, Myriam Joire, Ben Bowers

Home team: Joe Flatley, Laura June (poet laureate)

Special teams: Dan Chilton, Justin Glow, Trent Wolbe, Chad Mumm, Jason Miller, Nina Sokoler, Jacob Schulman, Kevin Wong, Sam Sheffer, Joshua Fruhlinger, Christopher Grant

International: José Andrade, Carlos Martinez, Alberto Ballestin, Alexandra Guerrero (Drita), Ittousai, Andy Yang