Explore Faxion Online's seven deadly sins

Does the angel on your right shoulder take a lot of union-approved time off, so much so that you end up listening to the devil on your left shoulder more often than not? Then Faxion Online has a temptation that's right up your alley -- seven sinful zones, each revolving around one of the classic seven deadly sins.

Taking heavenly and hellish themes with a strong dose of humor, Faxion Online's world becomes a literal battleground for the soul. By taking each of the deadly sins and turning them into a zone to be fought over and conquered, Faxion has created a unique twist on the genre. If the forces of heaven take over a zone, it turns nicer, and if the forces of evil are triumphant, then there will be hell to pay.

UTV True Games' Frank Lucero says that the PvP over these areas will keep players transfixed: "These zones offer all of the competitive combat play that players desire including PVP, innovative territory control and an ability ranking system that will keep players engaged in the timeless struggle of good vs. evil."

Hit the jump to read up on Faxion's themed zones and see for yourself what your sins have wrought!


  • Envy: From petty jealousies to consuming obsessions, the Misfortune Woods are home to the covetous and brutal Jade Hand. The Blighted Cathedral, incessantly besieged by weaponry and constantly worn by evil, stands in defiance of the land's denizens to guard ancient treasures and to serve as the manifestation of the harsh standards by which one creature judges another.

  • Wrath: A testament to the greatest folly of humankind, the Penitent Wastes play host, jailor and undertaker to all types of beings blinded and bound by their own rage. A home to both the vengeful and those seeking to end the violence, the great torn battlefields and rivers of blood are filled daily with the wrathful, the wicked and the well-intentioned.

  • Sloth: Alas, the grim quagmires of the Shadow Delta are too often the last new image to enter the minds of its new residents. Sick with its own passive, mind-numbing form of desperation and the longing of all things unrequited, the astounding power of its sullen silence is every bit as traumatizing as the battles that rage on elsewhere in Limbo.

  • Lust: Pleasures of the flesh abound in the Garden of Ardor, where many have been led astray by raw desire -- some more lost than others. Unfulfilled souls wandering the garden's hedge maze endlessly seek out the embrace of others longing for the contentment they will never find. The objects of these affections often fair poorly against such aggressive passion but find it difficult to protest while their tongue is pinned from yet another unrelenting kiss.

  • Pride: Those who populate the Ascedia Peaks region believe they are the very best at everything they do and they are certain the world needs to know. Home to a tower already reaching dizzying heights, every builder here has a grand plan for improving this monument to arrogance and is willing to act as cut-throat as necessary to ensure that it is their vision which comes to pass and not the mundane day-dream of some common laborer.

  • Gluttony: To the north of Purgatory City lies the high grass plains of the Fields of Hunger where workers tirelessly harvest crops and prepare food for their gluttonous, never-satisfied master. That which is not consumed is hauled off to rot in the great landfill where even baser creatures begin their feast. These eternally starving wretches fight over discarded, partially-eaten scraps having long-ago shed the last of their humanity.

  • Greed: The mines of Avarice Canyons are operated by twisted wretches known as Misers; the most depraved of the souls who have abandoned everything but their desire for material things. Never satisfied with what they find, they tirelessly dig only to lose more of themselves with every bauble they unearth. When any prospector accumulates enough wealth to draw attention, a brief but intense struggle ensues, the result of which is an ever-expanding treasure trove sure to attract still more thieves.