iRig Mic brings a vocal microphone to the iPhone and iPad

The iRig Mic was one of the last products we saw at CES last week. It's a full-featured vocal microphone made by IK Multimedia (the folks behind Amplitube and the iRig kit that our own Matt Tinsley reviewed a while back) that plugs directly into your iPhone or iPad. I went ahead and sent a few sweet vocal sounds through the mic, and they sounded great. It's not a super premium microphone, but it'll do the job, and a few different condenser settings allow for some nice remote recording possibilities as well. The mic comes with a dual-jack connector to plug into your iDevice, so you can also wear headphones as you record.

The mic works best hooked up to an official app called Vocalive, which you can see on the iPad's screen in the pic above. In addition to recording and playing back audio tracks, the app can also throw in some vocal effects, from reverb to frequency modulation, and a metronome for getting your timing just right. The iRig Mic will be available for just US$59 in the first week of March. IK Multimedia told us that they'd be at Macworld later this month, so we'll be sure to get them on video there.

In case you're wondering, that iPad is being held onto the mic stand by an IK product called the iKlip, which became available last December; for $40, it will clip your iPad onto a mic stand for use during a show. That way, iPad bands can keep both hands free for jamming.