Seen at CES: Blinged-out iPhone and iPad cases

This intriguing (and shiny!) M.C. Escher case was seen in the CES booth of one Lux Mobile last week. The custom case was made with over 18,000 Swarovski crystals and was apparently made in the good old US of A, "one crystal at a time." Pretty snazzy, no? Lux Mobile does carry this case in a standard non-crystal form (and we're told it's a popular model), but that's not nearly as fun.

One more note here: the custom-made crystal case on display above costs a whopping $3000 -- just about six times the value of the iPad it's actually supposed to hold. Check out a few more of Lux's blinged-out iDevice cases after the break, including a pink Ed Hardy monstrosity that would keep Jonathan Ive up at night.