Skype hits new record of 27 million simultaneous users in wake of iOS video chat release

Even though video chat has been available in some form or another for a good few years, it seems to only really be hitting its stride now, perhaps owing to the fact smartphones are no longer the brick-shaped and -sized beasts they once were. The latest evidence for this trend comes from Skype, who unveiled video calling on the iPhone a few days ago and yesterday managed to reach a new milestone in its history: 27 million users online at the same time. That comfortably overshadows the previous record, which wasn't even over 26 million, and while not all of those logged-in Skypers can be attributed to its FaceTime alternative, it's undeniable that the recent growth in Skype's customer base has been catalyzed by its introduction of video calling. And now that it's coming to Android phones and TVs of all creeds, that number should only continue to grow.