AT&T 'evaluating' support for iOS Personal Hotspot, no plans yet

Although you'd think AT&T would be all over the Verizon iPhone's new personal hotspot feature if only just to keep feature parity with its biggest competitor, the carrier is taking a more measured approach -- an AT&T spokesperson just told us that they're "evaluating the feature, but have no plans to announce at this time." Given that the iOS 4.3 beta just brought hotspot support to the GSM iPhone, we're guessing that the holdup is more tactical than technical -- Verizon still hasn't announced its iPhone data plan pricing or hotspot tax, and we're assuming AT&T's just waiting for some numbers before announcing support sometime around, say, February 10th. We'll see.

P.S.- We're also thinking it would be sweet it AT&T supported WiFi hotspot with 3G iPad and its contract-free data plans, but we're just wishing one wish at a time here.