Rocketfish iCapsule keyboard case looks ugly but exceedingly useful

So far, iPad keyboard cases seem to follow two schools of thought -- the folio and the mini-clamshell -- and while both have their merits, neither do the job quite as well as the set of chiclets on your standard netbook. Best Buy's in-house Rocketfish label has a different idea: forget about making it svelte, and just hand you a full-size Bluetooth laptop keyboard that holds your iPad as well. It's called the iCapsule, and as you can probably tell it can accommodate your slate in both portrait and landscape modes, and when you're done it folds up into a hardshell case with an integrated carrying handle. The unit takes two AA batteries -- rather than a rechargeable Li-ion cell -- and costs $100 to own, though it's presently both on sale for $80 and unfortunately out of stock. We'll let you know if we get the chance to try it for ourselves. Two more pics at our source link, if it has piqued your curiosity by now.

[Thanks, Yeti]