BlackBerry Torch 2: a Torch with significantly bumped specs?

Whether you love or hate the design of the Torch, that was never where the main beef lay -- instead, that honor would have to go to the lackluster internals, capped off with an awful, washed-out 480 x 360 display that had no business sitting in a device that's supposed to be the crown jewel of RIM's phone lineup. Well, capping off a wild day of BlackBerry leaks and rumors over at BGR comes news of a Torch 2 in the works that might just make good on those shortcomings (and a whole lot more) thanks to a 1.2GHz processor, 14.4Mbps triband HSPA, a VGA display at the original Torch's same 3.2-inch size, BlackBerry OS 6.1, and -- like some of the other leaks we've seen -- integrated NFC, which suggests the Nexus S may have started something good here. Specs aside, yeah... the phone itself is nearly a dead ringer for the model it replaces, adding some chrome accents and calling it good. If BGR's sources are on, you can look for this in the third quarter on AT&T.