Buffalo's PC-TV1/HD adapter brings Intel Wireless Display support to Japan

So, you did it. You went out and purchased a WiDi-enabled laptop. Congratulations. Trouble is, you have no way to get those wireless transmissions to your television, and that's where Buffalo comes in. We've already seen a handful of Wireless Display adapters hit the market here in the US, but mama always said that more made things merrier. Buffalo's PC-TV1/HD is fairly simple; just plug it into your television via HDMI or composite video cords, sync it with your WiDi computer, and enjoy the spoils of watching (mostly) lag-free HD content flow from your laptop to your HDTV. Check it this March for ¥12,500 ($150), or just do what everyone else does -- buy a $4 HDMI cable, and swallow the fact that living in the future simply isn't worth going broke over.