Pioneer engineers Android-powered cyclocomputer, might remind Landis to stop doping

Think Android has reached its limit when it comes to applications? Think again. Pioneer has conjured up a new cyclocomputer, and compared to the antediluvian rivals available on the market today, this one looks like a bona fide supercomputer. It's designed for mounting on the bike's handlebars, where riders can then see speed, cadence, heart rate, and power at a glance. The device is engineered to play nice with the ANT+ wireless specification, and it can also pull data from optional crank sensors that can be installed to monitor one's pedaling force. Furthermore, it's equipped with GPS, and we're guessing it's a prime candidate for running Google's own My Tracks app. There's no time table for release, but we're guessing the International Cycling Union will have one out in no time... one that continuously tests riders for illicit substances, of course. Video's after the break, if you're down for more.