Scattered Shots: Why hunters are better than every other class

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Patch 4.0.6 is looking grim for the hunter class. I'm not just talking about the original SV nerfs we discussed earlier, either. They unveiled another round of SV nerfs that disables SV's ability to AoE effectively in raids and further nerfs its single-target DPS with a butchering of Explosive Shot. [Update: this was written right after the giant SV nerf, and before the other buffs and un-nerf.]

But I'm not talking about that today. I'm sure what goes live after the PTR process will not be as bad as things look from the patch notes right now. It's the PTR, things will change, there will be a bright side. So today, we will not dwell on the bad news. We will not be brought down by the nerf bat. We will not relinquish our spots on the charts or our places in the raid.

Today, we will focus instead on how awesome hunters are, an awesomeness that transcends nerfs and feeble attempts at balance. An awesomeness that places our class firmly ahead of all of the support classes in the game. An awesomeness that is the hunter.

Today, we will glory in great list of 50 reasons why hunters are better than every other class!

50 reasons hunters are better than every other class

  1. Any raid buff that matters, hunters can bring. In fact, those vital raid buffs are so trivial a thing to us that we delegate the task of bringing any raid buff you need to our pets.

  2. Ghostcrawler thinks that hunters are just awesome.

  3. Hunters are uncommonly good-looking.

  4. Hunters are not warlocks.

  5. Hunters can kite like the wind, like some scion of Hermes, like a paragon of speed and skill. We can keep our targets slowed indefinitely while boosting our speed and DPSing the entire time. We can kite multiple targets; we can kite in circles or sideways.

  6. Hunters can stealth, too.

  7. Hunters can solo an amazing variety of content that was never meant to be defeated by a single character. While we enjoy the company of the support classes, we don't need them.

  8. Hunters shoot things. I mean, come on.

  9. Hunters can combat rez: FD + jumper cables.

  10. Hunters have a better community of players and resources than any other class. Our class is filled with awesome players and researchers who don't just have mad skills, but they freely share their knowledge with other hunters. We have Zeherah and Mania and Kripparrian, and the list goes on and on. In fact, our community is so awesome that we need to dedicate an entire post just to that. Maybe with a video. And a song.

  11. Hunters can look like predator.

  12. It's impossible to stay angry at a hunter. We have tranq shot.

  13. Hunters have pets, a stable of 25 of them in a myriad of shapes and sizes and colors. The world is our pet store. Though we may travel to the ends of the land and beyond the Dark Portal, across the snows of Northrend and through the Maelstrom itself, a hunter is never alone.

  14. Chicks dig pets.

  15. Hunters don't have to stare at a boss' butt cheek or have our view marred by silly explosions or convoluted raid frames. Every fight is a cinematic panorama laid out before us, a feast for our eyes.

  16. Hunters have lower repair bills than you.

  17. Tracking. Once you play with tracking, you'll never be able to truly enjoy any other class.

  18. Beer, bullets, beards.

  19. Hunters can tank too. I don't know why you think it's so hard -- even our pets can do it.

  20. Hunter pets can breathe fire. Yours is an authenticator.

  21. Hunters are not death knights.

  22. Any buff you have, hunters can take away.

  23. Every weapon in the game was designed for hunters. Yes, even maces. We give them to our pets to play with.

  24. Hunters have an unstoppable in-game army, the WHU guild, who experience the true meaning of epic.

  25. Hunters have flare, which can instantly remove the primary advantage of pesky rogues and feral druids.

  26. Hunters have only one shot that has a cast time. We can cast that one on the move, too.

  27. Leveling for a hunter is a joyous expression of our ability to wreak death and devastation. We can run through a zone, tag everything in it, set our pets to tanking it while we grab more to finish off at our leisure. You could almost say hunters were built for leveling, if it weren't for the evident fact that we were so clearly built for doing everything else too.

  28. Hunters don't allow gnomes.

  29. Hunters don't even need to be within range of you or even be able to see you to kill you. We just give the command to our pets and continue to sip our mai tais.

  30. Dinosaurs.

  31. In addition to good looks and brilliant minds, hunters are incredibly humble.

  32. Hunters don't care about threat. In fact, why don't you have it instead?

  33. Hunters have literally tamed Ghostcrawler.

  34. Hunters have transcended mana. We never run out of our resource, and we never have to stop shooting.

  35. Hunters can interrupt.

  36. Hunters can CC anything that your class can CC, or any other class. We can probably do it for longer, too. Oh, and we can also CC that other guy at the same time. And that one too. You know ... Why are you guys even here?

  37. Hunters have three specs. All three can out-DPS you.

  38. Jump-Disengage. It's like Blink, only awesomely badass.

  39. Hunters are irresistible to female discipline priests.

  40. Hunters can make you move faster. If you piss us off, we can move faster without helping you.

  41. Hunters don't have any reason to have to level archaeology. You poor saps.

  42. Hunters are not ret pallies.

  43. Getting hit capped is so easy for hunters, we reforge that pesky excess hit rating away.

  44. Hunters are the only class that actually pew pews. That leaves only QQ for the rest.

  45. Dancing pets.

  46. Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes? Because we're f'ing hunters!

  47. Studies have proven that hunters have a higher IQ than any other class. (source)

  48. Remember those murlocs that used to own you when you were little? We killed them and wear their skinned pelts.

  49. Hunters can heal, too. I don't know why you think it's so hard -- even our pets can do it.

  50. Hunters Rhok out with our Loks out.

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