Study: Verizon Wireless and HTC most eager to provide Android 2.2 updates

Look, if you buy a carrier-branded Android handset, you should know good and well that you may never see the first Android update. It ain't easy to hear, but as mama always said, the truth ain't always painless. That said, there's still some research you should do before picking a phone and carrier, and ComputerWorld has seemingly done just that for you. The methodology is all explained down in the source link, but the long and short of it is this: in the last half of 2010, Verizon upgraded 33 percent of its sub-2.2 phones to Froyo, while Sprint updated just 28.6 percent of its stable and T-Mobile blessed only 12.5 percent of its phones with the new digs. AT&T bashers should take note, as Ma Bell didn't update a single one of its nine Android phones during the June-December 2010 time period. Yeah, ouch. Over on the handset side, we've got HTC gifting half of its devices with Froyo, while Motorola comes in second with 15.4 percent and Samsung third with 11.1 percent. No matter how you slice it, it's a depressing study to look at, and it probably makes your decision to skip over a Nexus One seem all the more idiotic in retrospect. But hey, at least there's the Nexus S to console you... if you're willing to sign up with T-Mob, that is.