How would you change Windows Phone 7?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.15.11

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How would you change Windows Phone 7?
Fair's fair, right? The last time we spoke, we gave you all ample opportunity to tell webOS' new owners how revision 2.0 should be changed, and now that Microsoft's latest and greatest has been on the open market for a few months, it's time to do the same with Windows Phone 7. It's obvious that WP7 is a huge, huge leap forward over Windows Mobile, but as a fledgling mobile OS, there are naturally quite a few areas where improvements could be made. If you were blessed with the ability to magically wave a wand and change anything about Windows Phone 7, what would it be? Would you tweak how the email notification system works? Alter how the tiles are laid out? Make it just a bit more like the Kin? Go on and spill your heart below -- you're an early adopter, you've earned the right.
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