ADAC crash tests first production Mitsubishi i-MiEV, it makes a mess but scores well

Looks like Volvo's C30 Electric isn't the only EV paying a heavy price for wanting to be run on the roads. Mitsubishi's i-MiEV, one of the first modern full-bore electric autos to be promised to hit US shores (but certainly not the first to make it), has just been subjected to crash testing by the ADAC, Europe's largest motorist club. The car went through both 40mph frontal and rear offset impacts, similar to the sort used by our own humble NHTSA. The car didn't score perfect marks, with some deformation in the footwell, but there were no major problems noted and, most importantly, the electrical systems safety cut automatically upon impact. This means no surprise electrocutions for anyone on the inside or out, which is a good thing -- unless you're a mutant lizard who enjoys such things.

Update: We've updated the source link to the ADAC site, where you can see some additional images and even video of the crash. You'll need to exit the Google Translation window to view them, though.