$99 concept NoteSlate tablet does electronic ink in color, but only one at a time

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|01.18.11

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$99 concept NoteSlate tablet does electronic ink in color, but only one at a time
E-readers could use a little color in their lives -- and getting a little cheaper wouldn't hurt either. The NoteSlate has color, but not certainly not all colors. It's a touchable slate with a 13-inch diagonal, 750 x 1080 display that's said to be "eInk" -- which may or may not mean "E Ink," the company behind the displays used in the Kindle, Sony Reader, and others. When it's produced, supposedly by June, you'll be able to select from the traditional white background and black foreground or go with a black background with white. Other colors, including green, blue, or red text, or a "4 colour edition" that does all of them at once, are due sometime down the road. The tablet works with touch or pen input, will offer 180 hours of battery life, and is to be fully open-source, with the initial software release supporting simple drawing, storing of notes, and MP3 playback. Version 1.5 will add PDF and text viewing, while version 2.0 will be rocking OCR handwriting recognition. The best news? It's said to be just $99, though surely the multi-color edition will cost more. Right now it exists only as renders but with, a release mere months away and a decidedly attractive price point, we're intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued.
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