Netflix removing 'Add to DVD Queue' button from TV streamers, execs debate the company's future

Still mad over news that Netflix is removing the "Add to DVD Queue" button from media streamers? Then you're probably a commenter on the corporate blog but just in case you were wondering, it appears this doesn't apply to the mobile apps most of us manage our queues with when away from the official site, Netflix PR says it's just devices that connect to the TV. Curious decisions like this aside, The Hollywood Reporter recently ran a fun story describing what various Hollywood executives make of the company's chances. For its part the company plans to keep on expanding and adding more content, like the recent deal with ABC/Disney. TBS CEO Phil Kent made a thinly veiled threat to not license any content available on Netflix, while HDNet's Mark Cuban (who recently thought Netflix was set to implode) subscribes to the opposing camp's newsletter, saying Netflix is "absolutely a friend to producers and distributors -- they are found money that is monetizing library assets as DVD sales fall." What's your call?