Samsung says it isn't charging carriers for Android updates, promises Galaxy S status report

Buying a Samsung Galaxy S sounded like a fantastic decision when Android 2.1 was hot stuff, but now that Gingerbread's out of the oven, Fascinate, Captivate, Vibrant and Epic 4G owners are starting to get a little tired of being stuck behind the curve. And while we can think of at least one fairly nasty reason why Samsung might be delaying, we've been hearing all sorts of conspiracy theories, ranging from holding back Froyo to sell more dedicated Gingerbread phones to making the cellular carriers foot the bill for Android updates for every handset sold or else not get the update at all.

Well, it seems that last rumor's gained a little traction, because Samsung's taken it upon itself to squash the story flat. The company gave Phone Scoop the following statement: "No. Samsung is not charging carriers for Froyo updates to Galaxy S. We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!" At this rate, we're wondering if Samsung should just skip Froyo and just start rolling out some Gingerbread men instead.