So, you want to read a Quest for Glory retrospective interview

As lovers of RPGs, adventure games and terrible, terrible puns, it should come as no surprise that your average Joystiq writer is wildly in love with the Quest for Glory series. That's why we were positively thrilled to read a retrospective interview with the franchise's co-creator, Corey Cole, in which long-hidden secrets about the games' development were aired out. You know, things like inspirations for the series, explanations for some of the games' weirder inside jokes, and justification for Quest for Glory 4's many, many, so many bugs.

Cole also comments on where he'd like to see the franchise go from here, saying he'd love to see a Glory remake on modern consoles, adding "I think there is a vast untapped market out there of people who want more intelligent games and less death and destruction." A thousand times, yes. Check out the rest of the interview while we anxiously await any chance we can get to give this franchise more of our money.