T-Mobile Netherlands starts offering free iPhone unlocks

We know exactly what Canada's Rogers is thinking right now: "c'mon, T-Mobile, you guys are leaving money on the table!" Though Rogers and its Fido subsidiary are charging CAD $50 to unlock an iPhone, T-Mobile's Dutch division is now willing to do it gratis, citing the fact that multiple Dutch carriers now offer the iPhone and they no longer feel the need to keep it SIM-locked. Refreshing attitude, isn't it? As of January 12th, newly-activated iPhones on T-Mobile Netherlands are unlocked automatically; existing customers can call into customer service to get an unlock now, or wait until February for a do-it-yourself method. Of course, the irony is that when a carrier treats you that well, you don't really want to leave -- but this'll be a great option for folks that do a lot of roaming and don't care to go the ultrasn0w route.

[Thanks, Gijs]