LG G-Slate to have an 8.9-inch 3D display? Rumor mill says 'maybe'

If 3D and tablets are the two unstoppable forces of modern consumer electronics, doesn't it make sense to meld them into one, fearsome, trendsetting device? LG's T-Mobile-bound G-Slate might be doing exactly that, we're hearing, as a pair of different sites are reporting it'll come with a 3D-capable display. The guys at GPS And Co have apparently heard directly from LG's French arm, who told them the G-Slate would have a glasses-free 3D display and 3D camera, though the validity of that information is diluted somewhat by TmoNews' source finding 3D glasses listed as future accessories for this rather mysterious tablet. Yes, it's contradictory information, but then Pocket-lint has also heard directly from LG and received a promise of "an actual working 3D device," which should be expected shortly. That could be the 4.3-inch autostereoscopic panel we scoped out at CES or it could be another hint that the G-Slate's been camera-shy for a very particularly, three-dimensional reason.