Live from Nintendo's 3DS preview with Reggie Fils-Aime

We're here live in NYC at Nintendo's 3DS press preview event, where Reggie Fils-Aime is scheduled to give a short presentation to kick things off. We're hoping to learn some pricing and availability details -- and possibly hear a word or two about 3D and the eyesight of younger gamers. After that, it's time to party, right? We'll find out.

9:39AM And that's it! We're going to go play some games and get some impressions here.

9:39AM "Nintendo 3DS is 3D games, plus 3D video, plus 3D photography. No special glasses or skills to enjoy it. It's a breakthrough -- there's nothing else like it. It's a category of one."

9:38AM On retail shelves March 27.

9:37AM MSRP: $249.99

9:37AM Okay -- when, and how much. Testers said 3DS was worth between $300 and $400, but they're going lower.

9:37AM "The key to everything Nintendo has to offer, is hands-on testing. We're embarking on one of the most ambitious experiential marketing plans in history. 5000 interactive units in the field, augmented by mobile units. More than a million Americans will experience 3DS first hand through the summer."

9:36AM Nintendo e-shop will make Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles available. Showing off using the store to grab all sorts of content, including the original Super Mario Land.

9:35AM "In addition, Spot Pass makes contact with wireless broadband so you can get new content. This happens during gameplay and in sleep mode, but no transfers occur unless you want them to."

9:34AM "Community building can happen automatically -- Streetpass connects automatically. The local wireless connection connects in sleep mode or while you're playing a game."

9:33AM Some of the new features will become operational with online system updates. There's also a new friend code system -- one code necessary, and you only need to register it once. When friends are registered over local wireless, it's instantaneous, with no code input needed.

9:32AM Enhanced internet browser, and the same great sound as the DSi.

9:32AM AR Games is a suite of augmented reality games -- one of the most popular features with testers.

9:31AM FaceRaiders takes your face and puts it in a... shooting gallery? Reggie's right, we're hoping to be surprised.

9:31AM Miis will be swapped from 3DS to 3DS over Streetpass.

9:30AM "Next is a Mii-maker, similar to the Wii. You can use the camera to take your photo and the hardware will create your own player, and you can make fine adjustments." We'd heard about this.

9:30AM "Let's detail the software that comes with the system. Activity log that tracks both physical movement and action. Keeps track of what games you play and how long, as well as a pedometer that encourages you to get up and walk to earn coins."

9:29AM In the period between the launch and E3, they expect consumers to choose from more than 30 3DS games, in sports, action, shooter, fighter, family, racing, and RPG. All available at or near launch day.

9:28AM Reggie's back to "fill in the blanks." Here we go.

9:27AM SSF4 will have a fight request mode that lets players find challengers wirelessly and jump right into games, as well as a spectator mode that lets people watch. There's also WiFi gaming for multiplayer around the world.

9:26AM Reggie: "Perhaps no title has been as ambitious as integrating additional features as Super Street Fighter 4 -- with Street Pass you can win a battle without even knowing it." Sounds fun!

9:25AM "We very excited to bring Madden NFL to the 3DS, we've optimized the experience." What's funny about this is that they can't show any game screenshots here, because the projectors aren't 3D. Oops.

9:24AM Reggie again. "One thing that developers understand is that the greater the depth in the game, the greater the impact of 3D visuals." Introducing Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer and EA's new Madden game. Video of Peter Moore from EA now.

9:22AM Dead or Alive Dimensions. "It's not just fighting, it's crashing your rival through a 3D background." A video of Yosuke Koyashi to introduce the game. "Jumping off a high cliff, you know just how high it is."

9:21AM Reps from seven different publishers here to show off third parties. Reggie says there's not way to give proper credit to all the titles here today.

9:21AM Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and Kid Icarus Uprising. Kid Icarus apparently has a prototypical targeting and shooting experience.

9:20AM Showing off a new title called Steeldiver, which is a submarine game. We're going to look through a periscope -- you rotate your body to aim and target with the gyroscope.

9:19AM "The puppies and kittens can find you -- they're remember your face. If you get close enough, they may even lick you." Is that a threat? An adorable, adorable threat?

9:18AM "The early title with the broadest appeal is Ninendogs and Cats. Just like real life, the puppies will beg for attention and affection, while you'll have to work harder for the love of your kitten."

9:18AM Opening with PilotWings Resort. "The same whoo-hoo island that you know from Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort. What makes all of this new is going airborne in full 3D."

9:16AM Reggie's back. "For most Nintendo fans, games are the bottom line. Launch support from both Nintendo and third parties is robust."

9:15AM The system is packaged with it's own charging cradle, so it can remain in sleep mode indefinitely. There's also the new home button that takes you to the home screen, and a new notification light.

9:12AM 2GB SD card comes bundled, and can be upgraded.

9:11AM Two colors at launch -- aqua blue and obsidian black.

9:11AM Today they're announcing titles, launch date, launch titles and other important news. But first, we're running through an intro video.

9:10AM "Wouldn't it be great to have a realistic 3D picture of your child, and play it back on the same device for years?" Honestly, we don't know. Would that be great?

9:09AM "There are three immediate payoff to 3D, and the first is games. While Nintendo is recognized first as a video games company, we see ourselves as part of the entertainment industry... that's because second, it can do 3D video playback. Third, it can do 3D photography, and offer 3D display of those pictures."

9:08AM "What you'll recognize is that this is a different kind of 3D -- you haven't experienced this before, not in theaters, not at trade shows." Of course, Sony just had all kinds of portable glasses-free 3D products at CES, but we'll let Reggie roll with it.

9:07AM Era two arrived with the DS -- and the third era was 2006 with the Wii. "Not only were the characters moving, but the players were as well."

9:06AM "Many believe the so-called modern era of videogames was launched in the Biltmore Hotel at LA in 1996 when Westerners got their first glimpse of Super Mario 64."

9:06AM "Some of the game names may be familiar to you, but the experience is a game-changer."

9:05AM Reggie's working off notes because his prompter TVs are broken. Whoops. "Welcome -- today is going to be a big day for Nintendo... and for you."

9:05AM And Reggie Fils-Aime is on screen! He was actually sitting next to us just now, but we didn't notice because of the furious, furious typing. That was odd.

9:04AM 3D photos on your 3D screen? The guys from CNBC's head is going to explooooooooode.

9:03AM And we're off -- they're playing news clips from E3. Did you know various hilarious old media news outlets thought the 3DS was super amazing?

9:02AM Lights going down here -- looks like we're starting imminently.

9:00AM They're jamming some Muse. We are both depressed and uplifted at the same time.

8:57AM Okay, music fading out -- presentation in five minutes. We're trying to convince Chris Grant that Nintendo is actually about to launch a new netbook.

8:53AM There's coffee, too? And here we're toiling away in the liveblog mines. For you. Just for you.

8:49AM Andrew Yoon has acquired what appears to be a simply delightful yogurt parfait. If only someone had told us.

8:39AM Nintendo's bumping some hip jams, and they've got a row of human podiums with 3DS demo units attached to them off to the side of the stage, just like E3.

8:38AM We're here and sitting down in the front row... next to Chris Grant and Andrew Yoon from Joystiq, who are also liveblogging. This is war, people.