Microsoft tracks down 'phantom data' bug in Windows Phone 7, points finger at unnamed third party

Tired of your Windows Phone 7 device sending and receiving random bouts of data? Well, Microsoft is, too -- and they've started to reach some conclusions from that investigation opened a few days ago. Apparently, there's a "third party" that's responsible for the misbehavior, and Redmond's already reached out to help 'em make the necessary fixes; the story isn't necessarily over, though, because they're still "investigating additional potential root causes," which we presume could involve the operating system itself. As for the third party, it seems a "small" number of customers are affected, which probably explains why it's taken this long for the complaints to come to a rolling boil. Here's the full statement:

"We have determined that a third-party solution commonly accessed from Windows Phones is configured in a manner that potentially causes larger than expected data downloads. We are in contact with the third party to assist them in making the necessary fixes, and are also pursuing potential workarounds to address the configuration issue in case those are needed. At this point in our investigation, we believe this is responsible for most of the reported incidents.

We are investigating additional potential root causes for the remainder of the reports.

A small (low single-digit) percentage of Windows Phone customers have reported being affected.

We are continuing to investigate this issue and will update with additional information and guidance as it becomes available."