Playboy Magazine coming to iPad in its uncensored form in March, including full back catalog

From its very first issue in 1953 to its latest incarnation, the full catalog of Playboy Magazine is coming to the iPad this March. And not only that, it'll be faithful to its original form by arriving to your Apple slate uncensored. Such is the word direct from the man responsible for that first copy, one Mr. Hugh Hefner. Anyone who's followed Apple's App Store rulings and Steve Jobs' forthright comments on the subject of keeping adult material off mobile devices will surely find this a bemusing, if not entirely inconsistent, decision. The details of how this slice of software will be delivered to the iPad (and what restrictions it may come with) will be most intriguing indeed.

Update: Turns out Hugh forgot to mention a pretty important detail: Playboy's iPad version won't actually be encased within an app. It will be a web-based subscription service, which will serve up the uncensored content through a tailor-made website, thereby entirely bypassing the App Store censors.