iOS 4.3 beta multitasking gestures demonstrated on iPhone, look like a handful (video)

If you came along for our most recent podcast you heard us discussing some of the new features uncovered in the iOS 4.3 beta, including multitouch gestures for multitasking like four-finger swipes to go between apps. They seem hugely useful on an iPad but, on an iPhone, sounded like a bit of a handful. Now we have some video evidence, with Antoni Nygaard managing to get them working on his iPhone, along with the lock/mute switch toggle as well. Given these multitouch gestures aren't coming to the iPad (yet) we're guessing it won't be hitting the iPhone either, but we can always hope.

Update: BGR has a little more information on this, including some screenshots if the video below isn't good enough for ya.

[Thanks, Crazyyen]