ZMP RoboCar MEV seats only one but can drive even when alone (video)

Watch the video below and you'll see that this thing is clearly not going to win any land speed records, and with nary a door it's hardly all-weather compliant. But, the RoboCar MEV from ZMP is more of a research vehicle, a self-driving car that's built on an electric microcar platform. It uses GPS and a plethora of front and rear sensors to know where it's going, an evolution of the Linux-powered 1/10 scale model we saw back in 2009. Just, you know, bigger. And pricier. Way pricier. Yes, you can buy one, but you're looking at about $35,000 for the simplest version, the Type A, which only has automatic speed control. The Type B has steering control as well and costs about $59,000, while Type C is a whopping $84,000 and adds automatic braking control along with a full suite of imaging and intertial sensors. Order now for delivery in about two months -- in Japan, naturally.